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Rangoli: 2012 new year kolam
Rangoli: Padi Kolam
Rangoli: Kartigai Kolam
Rangoli: poo kolam drawn at the puja room
Rangoli: Onam Pookolam
Rangoli: Dotted Kolam
Rangoli: padi kolam

This kolam is drawn today on the occasion of Avani Avittam. Hope u all will like this.

Rangoli: Aadi 3rd Velli Padi Kolam

This is this year's Friday Padi kolam.. This was drawn in a hurry..

Rangoli: Ganapati Kolam

This is a small pillayar drawn in puja room last year on the day of Vinayakar Chaturthi..I was hesitating to upload this, but upon my husband's persuasion & insist i am uploading the same..Pls suggest some improvement in this kolam..

Rangoli: Combination Kolam

This is a combination of the painted padi kolam + Onam poo kolam. The poo kolam was done by me and my granny-in-law during the last Onam festival. The padi kolam is the one which all my friends were eager to see.. Hope you all love this..Next time i will upload the puja room painted padi kolam.

Rangoli: Bigger version of the Onam Poo Kolam

This is just the enlarged version of the previously uploaded Onam poo kolam.

Rangoli: puja room kartigai kolam

Good day everybody !!! Eager to upload the next kolam which was drawn in the puja room last year on the day of Kartigai.. The get up might not be that good as the floor colour and the kolam do not contrast each other.

This is a dotted kolam and the dot count is 11 to 6

Rangoli: Kartigai padi kolam

This padi kolam was also drawn last year on the day of kartigai in front of our house.. This is a copy of the kolam which was already created by one of our ikolam friends.. Hope I have done justice by copying the kolam.

Rangoli: Simple Padi Kolam

Hello to all my friends of ikolam. I am Mrs.Seethalakshmi Suresh & I have been surfing this site for more than a year, but i have not uploaded any kolams yet. I love to draw kolams but I am a bit afraid to upload for the reason that most of the members in ikolam are experts in drawing rangolis and probably my rangolis may not match the expert's standard..Most of the rangolis which I draw are taken from ikolam with a small changes here and there..
With this I am uploading my first kolam.. Awaiting for all your views on the same