Rangoli: Pongal kolam
Rangoli: Pongal kolam
Rangoli: Kanya Kolam
Rangoli: Thiruvona Vilakku Poojai Kolam
Rangoli: Sunday small kanya kolam
Rangoli: Maa kolam
Rangoli: Thiruvathirai Kolam ( Looks like Sivalingham)

Hi every one. This kolam I saw in facebook and thought of sharing this with you all. Very nicely done padikolam with sivalingham and in between siva lingham we can see face of goddess also. I feel like two eyes and face. Superb one so thought of sharing this with you all. This kolam was put in front of a temple in Trivandrum, Srivaraham.

Courtesy to Facebook friend.

Rangoli: Maa Kolam CCP

Wink Inspiration from Rajamma Mam I took this design in my paper and did yesterday night at 08.00 pm. Yesterday was Swargavathil Ekadesi and Thiruvathirai coming so thought of putting Siva Lingham in middle. My daughter asked to put a border so that the copycat kolam will be not fully copycat my version should be there. Rajamma mam hope I did justice to your kolam mam.

Rangoli: New Year Rangoli

Smile New Year first kolam to all my ikolam members. Just a small one in the morning as its rain in Kerala for these three days. I wish all my ikolam members a very very happy and prosperous new year. This is just a kolapodi version kolam.

Rangoli: Kolam

I tried my Maa kolam version of Shri Chetan Srinivasan. Courtesy goes to his diwali contest kolam. Hope you all will like my version. Not as perfect as his. I took half hour for this. Yesterday night I drew this and in the morning some of the kolam was eaten by ants.

Rangoli: Border Design

This is wet maa kolam I made in my front of house. There are two steps and I thought why usual straight line a different leaf one for my friends. Hope you will like this.

Rangoli: Kanya Kolam

This is maa kolam, wet maa kolam, It took me around 30 minutes. My son took the picture

Rangoli: Poojai Maa kolam

This is the kolam I put in front of Pooja room for keeping the books of kids. Hope you all will like the same.

Rangoli: Maa kolam

Maa kolam drawn for Saraswathi poojai. Hope you all will like the same.