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Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Aadi 1st Sevvai kolam-Avvayaar nonbu kolam
  • Aadi Kiruthigai kolam
  • Aadi 1st Velli kolam
  • Welcome Aadi :)
  • Special kolam-1100th kolam
  • Happy birthday spl kolam
  • Friday kavi kolam
  • Puja room kolam
Rangoli: Aadi 1st Sevvai kolam-Avvayaar nonbu kolam

Hello friends...hope you like my aadi 1st sevvai( tues) kolam....usually its a practice in my inlaws place to perform d avvayaar pujai on aadi sevvai Smile

Rangoli: Aadi Kiruthigai kolam

Hi friends...this freehand kolam adorned my frontyard today on account of aadi kruthigai...ur views pl Smile

Rangoli: Aadi 1st Velli kolam

Hello friends....hope you like my aadi 1st velli kolam done today....ur views pl Smile

Rangoli: Welcome Aadi :)

Hello friends...Its Aadi month..festival time favourite month to keep me busy all through this month...hope you like this aadi maadhapirappu kolam done by me Smile

Rangoli: Special kolam-1100th kolam

Hello happy to share my 1100th kolam here in ikolam......thanks is just a small word...want to share my full happiness with you ikolam , lata and friends.....Thanks all for ur continuous love and support:-)

Rangoli: Happy birthday spl kolam

Hello friends...a small chikku kolam as a gift to our dear sowmi on her b'day today....happy b'day dear...wish u a happy year ahead Smile

Rangoli: Friday kavi kolam

Hello friends...hope you like my simple friday kavi kolam....ur views pl Smile

Rangoli: Puja room kolam

Hello friends...hope you like this maakolam done near my puja shelf...ur views pl Smile