Rangoli: Embroidery

I did this embroidery for my Telephone mat. It is an hand embroidered one.

Rangoli: Woollen Flowers

This was done using "Crochet" needle. I did this 10 years back.
Took a pic now and sharing it across.

Rangoli: Embroidery

This is a hand embroidered fabric cover. I did it for my sewing machine


This Rangoli is created for Diwali. It is a freehand drawing.

Rangoli: iKolam Diwali Special

I just tried this out with murukku at home...
WISHING iKolam and all its members a VERY HAPPY n SAFE DIWALI !!! Smile

Rangoli: Woollen Rangoli

This has been done for the Navarathri Kolu...
Done using woollen thread pieces....

Rangoli: Decorative Thattu

This has been Done using glitter powder..
I ve done this for Navarathri....

Rangoli: Flower rangoli

This is one flower rangoli. 13to7 is the dot count.
intermediate dots (sandhu pulli).