Woollen Flowers

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This was done using "Crochet" needle. I did this 10 years back.
Took a pic now and sharing it across.

Rangoli: Woollen Flowers


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really wonderful flowers and a nice arrangement too.

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nice...i had seen these flowers on the kids sweaters...good way of making a bouquet out of them

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beautiful crochet flowers manivasugi mam....

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pretty soft soft woolen flowers. Easy to clean/wash also. From far it looks like real flowers.

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Beautifully made bouquet of woolen flowers, Manivasuki:)

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wonderful colourful flowers looks like a real one.Can you please rell me how did you do?, because I have made table cloth with crochet needle.

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very nice and colorful.

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looks very beautiful manivasuki waiting to see more and more

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Beautiful flowers
colours are very good and elegant like your kolam.

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Thanks viji,brindha lakshmi,anirudh,ammu,padma,sudha.uma and vijayanthi

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very nice and colorful.

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Beautiful flowers still looking as fresh as a new bunch

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Very nice fresh looking flowers.

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Good work, but don't know anything about these, just ignorant Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice tulips bouquet! Looks a bit faded due to age.

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Good to see you back Mani - lovely flowers - easy to maintain also Smile

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Lovely bouquet, Nice to see your work...

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lovely work. i want to do this. may i get the working pattern ?