Rangoli: karthigai kolam
Rangoli: onam pookkalam 2013
Rangoli: kalyana kolam 2
Rangoli: maakolam 4
Rangoli: kudai thamarai kolam
Rangoli: karthigai maa kolam
Rangoli: kangra painting

This is my first attempt of a kangra painting. Hope you like it. Your views please.......

Rangoli: dotted kolam

Just wanted to share this kolam was made during diwali. This is my first attempt of a ther kolam.

Rangoli: diwali celebrations 2010

This is one of the rangolis we made during this diwali celebrations. Just wanted to share it with you

Rangoli: navrathri golu 2010

i am submitting 2 photographs of the golu arranged in my place. Note that the dasavatharam and ram darbar dolls are 50 years old and have been passed on to me by my mom.

Rangoli: navrathri golu 2010

I am submitting the second photograph for the contest. I could cover only the doll arrangement, could not include rangoli