kangra painting

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About kangra painting : PRINT

This is my first attempt of a kangra painting. Hope you like it. Your views please.......

Rangoli: kangra painting


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Wow....i just like to keep seeing this beautiful painting for somemore time....looks like u r a professional painter...keep sharing d good work with us....

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I love this painting.Can you please tell me where you learnt this painting from?please teach me too.

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Adyta, even I l love Rajasthani painting. I would love to see your other beautiful creation .I have never done oil paintings, for some time I wanted to do at least one. so please help me by providing the information on how to make the colors (mixing part) and about the canvas .I am requesting you because I never got any training for painting. Whatever silly work I do it is only as a hobby (time pass).Definitely one day I will enter the proper art school (don’t laugh looking at my age) maybe for short course n take training .Till then please request to guide

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In your first attempt itself it has come out very well like a painting by a professional.

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wow!!!excellent art work..hats off to you.....waiting to see more from you....

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Wow...excellent and superb painting...so minutely done with extra care...Thanks for sharing.

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Excellant and beautiful painting.

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Thank you soooo much!! I am really overwhelmed by all the comments. By the way, this is not an oil painting, it has been done on board with fabric colours. Rekha mam, age is no bar for learning. I too joined a painting school recently and am really enjoying it.(Thankfully, all my colleagues there are like me!!) We did learn canvas painting too which I will try to upload. Kangra painting involves lot of stroke work and shading and so we were taught this only after mastering fabric painting, shading with brush etc. Its just that I am easier with brushes, but struggle to get a neat line in a rangoli/kolam!! By the way, I have registered in my son's name (aditya) as ikolam would not accept my name then.

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She is so beautiful, serene face. Why not sign it too at the bottom? Smile
About your name; your first name is a popular one here at ikolam, and looks like many members already took different versions of it. Smile

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This is a wonderful work. I am reminded of the many paintings of the rAjastAni school in connection with the gItagOvinda, my favourite musical work.

Regards! - mOhana

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Your first attempt? I can't believe. Its so professional. keep posting ur wiorks.

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Ciao Aditya,
Thank you for encouraging me to join the painting class .I will do it .Also thank you for explaining your painting work .It is indeed a great Great.. Great …work .Keep it up. i have uploaded my paintings full view from my mobile camera but the colours have not come properly .I will try to click from the camera once again

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Beautiful painting, I'm mesmerised by your art work Adithya Mom..

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Very beautifully done. Want to see more and more paintings like this. Please do share with us.


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Wooov this is awesome Adityaji. What a beauty. I loved this. Very nicely done. Expecting to see more from u.

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very beautiful.
Nice painting.

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Looks really professional. Hats off to you!

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Great - Very very nice.