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  • Aadi Velli Kolam
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  • Freehand kolam
  • Aadi Velli
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  • Freehand kolam
  • Free hand Kolam
Rangoli: 2 mts kolam

This 9-5 simple kolam drawn today in front of my house in 2 mts. Though ordinary thought of sharing with you all.

Rangoli: Aadi Velli Kolam

This hurry-burry kolam was drawn at 5.15 a.m. in front of my house today. I just completed it in 10 mts.

Rangoli: Simple Kolam

A simple kolam drawn in front of my house. Your views please.

Rangoli: Freehand kolam

A kolam drawn in front of my house, the 1st one after altering in PS, the 2nd is the original drawn on the floor.

Rangoli: Aadi Velli

Hi, this is my Aadi velli kolam drawn in front of my house. Dedicated to Maha and Vasanthi mam, First time tried out some extra decoration (red border) using photoscape. Your valuable comments please.

Rangoli: Aadi 18

The kolam drawn on Wednesday (Aadi 18th) in front of my house. Rani Mam, it's for you, on the cowmud floor.

Rangoli: Freehand kolam

I saw this design in one of the website. Tried it, though the symmetry is not as expected, i just want to share it with all my ikolam friends.

Rangoli: Free hand Kolam

After a long time, iam uploading this kolam. Your views and suggestions please.