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Rangoli: Freehand
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  • Freehand kolam
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  • Freehand Kolam
Rangoli: Karthigai Kolam

A freehand kolam drawn on Karthigai deepam day! Your views please.

Rangoli: Freehand kolam

This is one more kolam drawn on last sunday.

Rangoli: Freehand kolam

I tried this kolam in my house last weekend. Your suggestions pls.

Rangoli: Peacock Kolam

This is a freehand peacock kolam. As usual, drawn on a hurry burry working day.. Drop your comments, whether you liked it?

Rangoli: Free hand kolam

I got a good cowdung floor today, Thanks to my amma for this. Being Friday, i thought of utilizing this floor for a good kolam. But unfortunately, i couldn;t justify myself. Started the kolam with some imagination but ended up with a flop. Still want to share it.

Rangoli: Copycat Kolam

The original creater is Mrs.Sowmiya, i have made some modifications to fit to my floor. Your comments pls.

Rangoli: Free Hand Kolam!

Freehand kolam drawn in front of my house. Your views please

Rangoli: Freehand Kolam

Kolam drawn in front of my house few weeks back.