indira sundar

Rangoli: Tiny Flowers
Rangoli: Simple one
Rangoli: Simple kolam
Rangoli: Simple kolam
Rangoli: Birthday Rangoli
Rangoli: Vegetable Basket

Dear Friends,
After a very long period I upload my daughter's drawing.... Hope you all like it.....

Rangoli: Elephant

Dear Friends,
This elephant painting was done by my son Avishanth , KG II...Your comments please..

Rangoli: Simple Design

Dear Friends,
The Simple painting was done on a paper plate, when I taught painting to my kids... Your comments ....

Rangoli: Tiny Rangoli 27

Dear Friends,
The tiny rangolis were drawn in front of God by my daughter Srenithy....

Rangoli: Tiny Rangoli 25

Dear Friends,
this is also a tiny rangoli on the same teapoy...

Rangoli: tiny rangoli 24

Dear friends,
this tiny rangoli was done on the teapoy....

Rangoli: Tiny kolam 22

Dear Friends,
this tiny kolam was drawn in front of God on the first day of Margazhi...

Rangoli: Tiny Rangoli 21

Dear Friends,
After very long time i drew this simple and tiny rangoli on the teapoy..