indira sundar

Rangoli: Tiny Flowers
Rangoli: Simple one
Rangoli: Simple kolam
Rangoli: Simple kolam
Rangoli: Birthday Rangoli
Rangoli: Drawing

I drew this drawing using color pensils. I like it very much. Dear aunties,uncle, akkas and annas , "How is it?"

Rangoli: kolam

This is a very simple kolam. this is only to the beginners

Rangoli: Dates tree

The dates were tasted by small kids and sparrows. This snap is taken in a park near our home.

Rangoli: Dates

The dates were tasted by small sparrows. It is a children's park.

Rangoli: Dates tree

Hi friends,
This is the dates tree with raw dates. I hope u like them.

Rangoli: Kolam

this is a very simple and easy kolam to draw to the beginners only.

Rangoli: Poo kolam

This is a very very simple kolam to draw to the beginners.
Dot count:

Rangoli: Paint kolam

This is a freehand rangoli, drawn in MSPaint. Orange is very bright, so i choose it.