indira sundar

Rangoli: Tiny Flowers
Rangoli: Simple one
Rangoli: Simple kolam
Rangoli: Simple kolam
Rangoli: Birthday Rangoli
Rangoli: Simple Kolams

Dear Friends,
I am sending these kolams for you to enjoy...Begginers can also try..

Rangoli: Quilled design of Suganthiji

I also tried the quilled design. i think it is ok.... what about u?

Rangoli: Water Lilly in black

Dear Friends, i had drawn this waterlily for the garden, but i made a paper kolam in color, and sent it . so i upload it now....

Rangoli: Avish in Aasai Kolam

Dear Friends,
My son asked me to draw a kolam ... then, he drew another kolam on it...

Rangoli: Jadai kolam???

Dear friends,
i have a doubt about this kolam.. Is it sikku kolam or Jadai kolam...Please clear my doubt.........

Rangoli: Jasmine Flowers

Dear Friends, i believe these flowers are jasmines. Do u smell the fragnance?......

Rangoli: Water Lilly

Dear Friends, These Water lillies are going to participate in our family garden..............

Rangoli: sun flower

Dear friends, These flowers are going to decorate ikolam garden...