Rangoli: Flower design
Rangoli: Free hand RANGOLI
Rangoli: Maa kolam
Rangoli: Maa kolam
Rangoli: Independence Day kolam or RANGOLI
Rangoli: Free hand kolam
Rangoli: Dotted coloured kolam

Hi friends, I drew this on account of naarathri, Hope you all enjoy this colourd kolam, WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NAVARATHRI.

Rangoli: free hand kolam

Hi friends, this is another free hand kolam after a long break.


Hi friends, this is another freehand kolam of my own which was drewn for the festival. Please let me know all ur comments. WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY GANESHA FESTIVALS.


Hi friends, This kolam i and my friends have drawn this for tomorrow.s ganesha festival in our apartment. your views and comments please.

Rangoli: fish

Hi friends, this is another fish kolam for the cruise from 11 to 1

Rangoli: orange fish 3

This is also for the concept kola from the dots 11 to 6

Rangoli: fish 2

This is another kolam for the cruise. this is also dotted kolam from 9 to 5

Rangoli: Fish kolam 1

Hi friends this kolam is for the concept kolam. This is a dotted kolam from 5 to 3