Rangoli: Flower design
Rangoli: Free hand RANGOLI
Rangoli: Maa kolam
Rangoli: Maa kolam
Rangoli: Independence Day kolam or RANGOLI
Rangoli: Free hand kolam
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • simple kolam
  • karthigai kolam
  • karthigai kolam
  • Free hand kolam
  • a flower kolam
  • Pongal kolam
Rangoli: simple kolam

this is just a creativity. i had lot of chumki's left over. with these i created a kolam suggestions please

Rangoli: karthigai kolam

this kolam was drawn on the first day of the karthigai

Rangoli: karthigai kolam

a free hand kolam for the karthigai deepam please send in your suggestions

Rangoli: Free hand kolam

this was drawn for UTV in coimbatore last year, a local tv channel

Rangoli: a flower kolam

This kolaam mhas a nice collection of flowers is it not any suggestions most welcome

Rangoli: Pongal kolam

I am a new member. please upload my kolam. Your suggestions most welcome