Rangoli: Free Hand Rangoli in our office
Rangoli: Janmashtami Rangoli 2014
Rangoli: Kartheekamasam Rangoli
Rangoli: Jaanu - Margazhi dew drops kolam 2
Rangoli: Jaanu - Margazhi dew drops kolam 1
Rangoli: Craft Rangoli for Kartheeka maasam
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Small rangoli for beginners
  • Ganesha decoration
  • Small rangoli
  • Daily kolam
  • Free Hand kolam
  • Free hand rangoli
  • curves rangoli
  • Free hand design
Rangoli: Small rangoli for beginners

Though small rangoli, i wanna share for beginners.. hope it will be also helpful for the residents of flats.

Rangoli: Ganesha decoration

Our ganesha.. on this year 2010 Ofcourse a simple decoration but hope this will give you some ideas.. for your decoration. Sh sharing

Rangoli: Small rangoli

I know its a small and simple one.. but wanna add it to mah gallery... kindly cooperate guys Biggrin It wil be a good one for beginners na.. so let me share

Rangoli: Daily kolam

This is another kolam , a very old design.. but still sharing to add to my gallery ..

Rangoli: Free Hand kolam

I did this kolam for my college traditional day. The center one resembles OM but, its our college logo.
I did this kolam with rock salt.

Rangoli: Free hand rangoli

This was done on the occassion of ganesh chathurti by my neighbour.. I took the pic little bit lately, so the kolam was erased at some portion, but still wanna share with you people.

Rangoli: curves rangoli

I did this rangoli on vinayaka chavithi. This is a curves kolam.

Rangoli: Free hand design

I did this rangoli on vinayaka chavithi. This is a free hand design.