Diya Rangolis

Rangoli: Lamps Kolam

This is a dotted kolam with dot count 11 to 1 straight dots done using white kolapodi and color podi. Hope you all like it.


This my rangoli for this Diwali ! Wish u all a happy & safe Diwali !

Rangoli: Flowers and Diyas in water - Diwali

Another one with flowers and diyas in water for Diwali

Rangoli: Diwali

This one was for Diwali 2010... design.. took about one and half hour

Rangoli: Golu Decoration

Another decoration for the vilakku in front of Golu. A rangoli and a flower arrangement on different days.

Rangoli: chitthirai thirunaal kolam

This I made on chitthirai thirunaal. Just now I was able to download from my camera.

Rangoli: Tamil New year kolam

Hai viewers, i draw this kolam on tamil new year 2011.
dots : 9-1 straight dots..

Rangoli: colors

just a simple kolam with colors.hope u like it. wanted to make it in available short place .

Rangoli: Rangoli display for Diwali in dublin

I painted the following Diya Rangoli (kolam) for the launch event of the Diwali event.

Rangoli: Karthigai 2009

made inside the house in the hall for Karthigai 2009.........................