Diya Rangolis

Rangoli: Dotted deepam kolam

hi friends, today upload another new deepam kolam

Rangoli: Deepam Maakolam

This is a dotted kolam with dot count 13-1 and done using wet kolamavu. It was a herculean task putting color to it since it was very windy, you can see the smudges here and there Blum 3 I used recycled colors for this. Hope you all like it. Smile Smile

Rangoli: Diyas and flowers

Hi all..This is a dotted kolam with dot count 9-1. Hope you all like this small kolam. Your views pls..

Rangoli: Poo Kolam

Hi friends,
After some time, I uploaded this flower arrangements done by our friends and relatives at our temple with lamps. Your comments .

Rangoli: DIWALI-2011

Hi! friends, This rangoli was drawn by me for Diwali 2011 and I could not upload it that time. I also felt very bad for not participating in the Diwali Rangoli contest as well as voting as my mother-in-law had undergone hip joint ball replacement and my appearing for promotion test in our Bank.
This is a free hand rangoli filled with colours. Your view please.

Rangoli: chutti diyas

hai frnz, this was again done on an karthigai eve,, more than d real diyas i felt d ps dots glowing better,,well ive bored u all with enough of diya kolams for a week,,lets switch on to d next celebration within a short while,, till then ur comments pls,,,,,,,,,

Rangoli: happy karthigai

hai frnz, happy karthigai wishes to u all,, this was done in a hurry burry with so many disturbances,,, anyhow i wanted to share with u all, ur comments pls,,,

Rangoli: free hand kolam 31

Dear friends,
Today my Husband Birthday... This small and simple design was drawn on nov.10 2011.. i share with you all..

Rangoli: diwali rangoli

i have made this rangoli on diwali which is ofcourse inspired by ikolam site only. i have made some changes in the rangoli by adding diyas. since it is done on hard floor, i have dipped the chalks in water for 2-3 min. and then drawn the rangoli and coloured. i poured the pink glitter poweder on it, and in the night it shined a lot. hope you all like it.

dot count is - 21-10 middle dots

thanking all.


Rangoli: Diwali diyas

this simple kolam is done with chalk. Even though it rained still it is quite visible. Hope u all like it.