Rangoli: Chameleon

Chameleon made in quilling.

Rangoli: Quilling

I had made this rangoli using the quilling technique in my summer break.

Rangoli: Veggie Quilling -2

Another simple arrangement of vegetables. Started off with a elaborate design, as usual got struck Smile Your comments Please.

Rangoli: Quilling

Hi! I was this in my daughters school liked it very much beautifully done job... i want to learn this art can anybody help me?

Rangoli: quilling envelops (q.kolam)

These are all the envelops i had done with quilling.

Rangoli: Quilling

This is another q. kolam. This time i had done it on a plate and decorated with 3d outliner.

Rangoli: quilling kolam

I used to do embroidary and we call it embroidary kolam.(E.kolam)
Now i have done this by quilling. Tell me what name can be called this kolam?

Rangoli: happy diwali

Friends,(pachaipudavai chingucha and neelkamal and for other all ikolam friends)
Happy diwali.

Rangoli: Quilled kolam

After seeing the quilled rangoli, I remembered my old quilled kolam saved somewhere in the PC. Thoosu thatti eduthen. I didn't have the patience to edit and submit only the kolam part.Its kind of not visible fully due to the camera angle.

Rangoli: Quilled flower

Not a kolam , A beautiful quilled flower!