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My small contribution to the 10x10 collection.
My fingers are yet to sign for a peace treaty, expecting their coordination soon..
After completion, I felt the dot spacing could been reduced and the squeezing of liquid should have been minded, Still miles to go Smile Maybe the number of dots (100) scared me :0
Expecting your suggestion, As I value them a lot.

Dotted kolam
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neat work n lovely 10-10 chiku kolam!-suguna murugesan

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Lovely sikku kolam, i liked the blue star in the middle of the kolam.

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Vinci, your chikku pattern is very lovely with a cute centre stars decoration. Dot spacing seems ok as I feel that this much of spacing cleanly shows the designs on the four corners.

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Wow...vinci...where...rather why have u been hiding for so many days....such a nice sikku kolam(thanks pa ...i don't have this )d centre blue lines along d dots r too cute...pl continue d good work...good girl na..u r....

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lovely chikku kolam with neat strokes mam.

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100 dots ah?? Oh only now I realised what you mean!! Till today I have never totalled the dots, so maybe that's why they did not seem a herculean task to me, but henceforth!!!

Now coming back to the kolam - same pinch Rani - all this while Vinci was trying to make us believe that she did not know anything na. If you can make such a big chikku maakolam, you sure are capable of much MORE.... Keep on rocking dear Biggrin

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Very neat and beautiful sikku kolam,vinci

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Very neat and spacious kolam. The spacing of the dots is nice (though may look more than usual) as it gives a look as if the kolam is very big, isn't it?

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100/100 !

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Very well drawn and quite pretty. God work! This first one I presented in this series http://www.ikolam.com/node/20307?p=20207 can be modified to the present one with a few alterations here and there.

Regards! - mOhana

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Lovely sikku kolam.....

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lovely chikku kolam ..jayaji heheh nice comment

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Vinci, your "century" kolam is very nice. Can see straight, square cut, late cut and what not in your stroke play!
the smily stars in the centre are very cute.
( One secret hint... U can put the dots first with kolam powder , after completing the kolam can replace them with wet maavi dots. ... this is till u get the grip in the fingers!)

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Hi vinci ....excellent one...neat execution and your centre stars look very shining. An expert in kolams hiding her talent for these many days.....please do entertain us with such beauties very often as you have let out your talent now:)

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attractive new outcome from vinci,

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Thanks Rani (I wasn't hiding Rani, a long hibernation he hee), Usha (Please feel free to call me Vinci), Judy (I'll try to keep up to your expectations), Veni, Pragaya (Its a big kolam for me :), Jaya Maam (thanks for your 100 marks), mOhanaji, Jayanthi, Lakshmi, RajamAmma(Thanks, I'll follow your advice), Sowmya (I'll try to upload frequently) and Uma for your supporting words. Thanks once again Smile

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wow nice maa kolam chikku. blue in the middle looks really beautiful. gud one.

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Thanks Alamelu for commenting on my work.

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Very neat maa kolam, Vinci