1st Anniversary kolam

Hearty congratulations, Rani! :) Thank you so much for treating us to your lovely kolams and for your active and enthusiastic participation! Wish you the very best for the future as well. :) What an anniversary kolam this is! Amazing job. :)
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Suguna Murugesan
well done rani!! thanq for ur treat!!!-suguna murugesan
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Fantastic Rani, such a big kolam to celebrate the anniversary! It shows your love for the ikolam site and the friends here. This kolam is very very neatly drawn and the coloring inside is excellent.Thanks for this lovely treat. rajamma
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Congrats Rani!!! I would rate this as one your best creations Rani.. My appreciation for your neat, bold and steady strokes, I hardly find any smudges.. Need to add the symmetry factor too :) The colors are well placed, I guess there was a Tip Toe dance on the floor while coloring the interior space.!! Thanks for the non-stop entrainment you gave us for the past one year, Hope to enjoy it in future. I wish that your account gets doubled by the next year :) When is the Party ? Well the dress code is fixed : Orange
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
ammu Now i am really jealous .I can't even make a small, simple 10x10 kolam and u r creating such a wonderful, unbelievable kolam. Really it’s a nice treat to see such beau..tiful kolam early in the morning by u and laxmi. I really appreciate ur patience. please teach me how to have patience
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mam ur anniversary treat is so amazing.. i cant take my eyes off from this kolam.. so perfect. very neat colouring.. i m gettin impressed toooo much day by day seeing ur kolams... lovely mam.. kalpna
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What a colorful treat! What a way of celebrating your anniversary with ikolam! All blessings from ikolam members to you!
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Thanks a lot lata, suguna, rajamma mam, vinci, rekha mam(infact i admire ur patience for bearing all our leg, hand and other pullings...haha), kalpu, jaya mam and chandy for ur sweet comments...rajamma mam and jaya mam...i am very lucky to get ur comments and blessings today itself...suda suda....haha
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Hearty congratulations mam. As usual kalakiteenga...supero super... "Today, Tomorrow and always... May your life be full of beautiful surprises....(like your colourful kolam) In the company of each other" Happy Anniversary...."
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Oh vasanthy mam...thanks a lot for ur wishes and my new dear friend...pl call me just rani...okva...
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Chupa rustam,many many many many many .............happy returns of the day .Tell me what is the colour code for your anniversary party ?already ready with my makeup. U should have told me to do this kolam at ur place, would have done happily and gave u little rest in the early morning at least on ur anniversary day .Tell me frankly what gift i have to send ?quick baby .Don’t forget to wish ur hero on my behalf .Enjoy the day
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shows d love and passion on ikolam family , fantatic rani
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shows d love and passion on ikolam family , fantastic rani
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Thanks again rekha mam(as vinci has decided on orange ...d only gift u can send me is some more easy quiz games..haha), thank u uma and viji mam....
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Happy Anniversary, Ms. Rani. And thank you for giving us such a grand and beautiful gift on your ikolam anniversay! As usual, a very beautiful kolam with such neat and bright colouring! Thanks again and hats off to your patience! -Sindhuja
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Happy anniversary,rani.Very neat and beautiful.
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Wow Rani maam, i am so stunned by your creation. Perfect symmetry, very nicely colored, wonderful strokes, and what else can i say, oh yes, ur every sincere dedication, all this makes this kolam so special... I love all your kolams and admire u as a friend too... Tx and congrats dear.
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Happy Anniversary Rani!!!!! What a novel idea of celebrating the anniversary at ikolam. Very grand n colourful treat to all ikolam members. I really admire your enthu towards kolam.. Hats off u. Now I am going to visit your gallery to count how many visual treats presented by you to the ikolam members < 365? or > 365?....
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A very happy first anniversary to you rani and I sincerely wish you to celebrate many many anniversaries in the years to come.....Heartiest congratulations!!! This is one of your very best kolams and it has come out excellently...so perfectly executed and look at the coloring ....wow...amazing...please treat us with such beauties in the future too. All the very best.
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A record double century in one year! Not only your excellent work, but also your friendliness, joy, grace and innocence are a source of great charm. Congratulations!! Regards! - mOhana
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Radhikha 3
wow very nice kolam with beautiful colours...
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Thank u sindhu, veni, pushpa, jasree, sowmya, jkm sir(so happy u could convey ur wishes to me in ur busy schedule...thanks again sir) and thank u radhika....thanks again friends...
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Congratulations, Rani Ma'am. Such a wonderful treat for your anniversary with ikolam. Its beautiful, lovely, excellent,.... no words to describe. Thank you very much for sharing this piece of art. - Indu
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
yes rao sir ammu tho ikolam ki jaan hai
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Hi, Rani, is it your YOUNGER sister in the profile? Or u became one year younger after the anniversary , reading the lovely comments you received?( Kannaaady stylukkaa?) rajamma
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Aiyoo...rajamma mam...neenga kooda aarambichaacha(even u have joined with lata and rekha mam aah)....i was always yearning for a sister as i was d only daughter for my parents...that specks is a soda butti kannadi(for my poor vision only)..haha
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Thank u indu mam and rekha mam....ab to bahut ho chuki hai...(pl stop embarassing me further...haha)
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congratulations raniji....thanks for the wonderful treat....this is soo beautiful
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Ganga Lakshmin…
Congratulations. Beautiful kolams you have presented, a big treat for every one's eyes.
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Padma Prakash
HI RAni, what an amazing work by you on this special day of urs. Is this your first anniversary or first anniversary at ikolam (?) The kolam is very beautiful and beautiful than your margazhi contest kolam. A feather to your talent. Congratualtions and many many happy returns of the day(bit belated). Let your life be filled with beautiful colours (peace, health, wealth, happiness, success...) thanks for giving us such treats through the year with your bullet postings.
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Superb!. At a loss of words to describe your exotic and wonderful kolam. Very beautiful, round and neat nelis in the kolam. Congratulations on your anniversary at ikolam. Wish you that you may continue to treat us to more and more such beautiful kolams.
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By far one of your best kolams Rani and a wonderful celebration kolam this is.. Going back to your old kolams one can see a journey of great determination to make it perfect every next time and I am sure many new members can take a lesson or two from you. One person who has already started learning from you is Kalpu who is my brother-in-law's daughter-in-law. She said she admires all your kolams and many of her uploads are inspired from your kolams only. I remember your first call just before the second chennai meet. I felt as if I was talking to an old friend though it was our first acquaintance - thank you for being my friend and hope you remain the same friendly way forever and I wish you all that's best in life and dish out more and more lovely kolams for all of us to enjoy...
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Can't understand why my comments are getting posted twice in so many places - sorry folks
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very very cute and nice. well done
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congratulations rani......fantastic design and colours.keep it up .and all the best dear..
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Thanks a lot anirudh, ganga laxmi mam, padma( me too was expecting someone would say (although this kolam is not as tough as my contest kolam)this...thanks dear......, pragaya, judy(how could u say hope...so bad...my friendship will continue d same way dear...), divya and lakshmi for ur sweet comments...
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very beautiful colours adding beauty to the kolam. Congrats on the 1st anniversary . continue to delight us with your beautiful kolams.
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Congratulations Rani Mam. We enjoyed all your kolam treats throughout the year. Looking forward for more treats.
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