Eureka Kolam

Suguna Murugesan
wow vincy asathitinga!!!-suguna murugesan
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Lovely design and also matching d design on ur plate vinci...hmm u r sooooo good with ur words that to be frank i took a couple of extra mins with ur description than ur experimental kolam...haha...
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Thanks Suguna Maam and Rani (Aaga motham nalla kulampinennu solringa aathane - I confused Rani with my words) for your instant comments :)
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A Big Thanks to Lata for an instant upload :)
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oh so it is very very ...soooo very less than 24 hrs yeh...hmmm nadathunga nadathunga...(carry on...)
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Pretty in yellow and naturally made kolam Vinci. So, looks like you're getting into the habit of making such kolams quite often nowadays. Happy to see your kolams in other medium apart from the ones made of flower-petals. :) I have a question; how come you were able to upload a couple of hours ago when others were/are experiencing problems uploading. Any secrets? We're looking into the upload issue, but also were surprised to find two of your kolams uploaded after the problem-comments. :)
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Hi Vinci mam, ur experimental kolam has come out well. Mahalakshmi
Mon, 01/31/2011 - 20:58 Permalink
Your experimental kolam is too good:) Trying to explore the options available with you from veggie kolam to tea powder to maa kolam with colors and so on ...Nice creativity. Keep up the good work.
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This has come out really cute. Even I enjoy preparing colours from the kitchen!! -Sindhuja
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Wonderful kolam Vinci - very neatly made (though I know it is difficult to spread turmeric like kolapodi you have achieved it so well). The design is so cute and matches your plate very well - only hope that plate does not get stained with the colour (sometimes happens). Dil Mange More!!
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good nice kolam with turmeric powder
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Wow Vinci !! you turned out to be a chupa rustum.. what a creation out of turmeric powder.. looks very cute, (stick drishti pottu merune sticker in the middle of the flower ) touch wooooo.......:):) Saras
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Beautiful turmeric kolam, the plate goes well with the kolam
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Rani, my comment caught your attention :) So hereafter instant, spontaneous, fast, speed words are out of my dictionary :0 Thanks Lata (When kolams are uploaded once in a blue moon, I think there shouldn't be any problem in uploading, space issues etc...I think this is my secret, Jokes apart, I uploaded as usual and didn't face any problem), Mahalakshmi, Sowmya, Sindhuja, Judy, Alamelu Maam, Saras and Nithya for your encouraging comments. Sorry forgot to add, I have used rice flour as the base material. Rice flour, turmeric powder blended together sprinkled with water and later dried to get a bright color. So this was the procedure for my experiment. The same applies with other coloring agents too.Still it was difficult to draw thin lines as the rice flour was too fine.. I guess I'm too talkative today, I don't why???
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Very pretty samll kolam with rice and turmeric. Very well mixed and put.
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Hey vinci...u know i was just kidding u...nothing serious at all......i remembered vidhya when in my first aadi velli kolam she was joking...hmmm doing, uploading and publishing a kolam on d same day aah...enna nadakkudu inge(whats happening here)...that was what i remembered thought of just joking around ...sorry if i hurt u ...hereafter i too join u in ur instant, spontaneous, fast, speed words out of mines too...haha...ok va...
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hai vinci, thanks a lot for this kutti treat,and powder making procedure, everything looks fine here, i enjoyed ur description, kolam, and an interactive chat with our frnz, happy to c u talkative bcos its a lively feel, expecting more of ur experiments
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Very nice. Neatly drawn with too fine powder.
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veena manigandan
Cute bright yellow kolam. Nice.
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Wonderful kolam Vinci.good idea..keep itup
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Vinci, your 'quality check' instant kolam has come out nicely! Expecting an elaborate one soon!
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superb vincy kalakivittirgal. so cute.
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indira sundar
Small and sweet Vinci!-Indira Sundar
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Padma Prakash
HI Vinci. Good experiment and ofcourse kitchen is the place where we have total freedom and the final product has come out good. The plate design is also very cute.
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Thanks Jayasubha, Rani (ha haa..), Uma, Sharada, Veena, Lakshmi, JayaMaam, Usha, Indira and Padma for your comments.
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