Roof to my God's temple - 13

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Here is a roof made with a tendril shape. There are suggestions of the letter OM too. Enjoy. Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Roof to my God's temple - 13


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Very nice design with pleasing colour......

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I see more of the letter J in this rangoli. J's in maganta look nice, Jai to J Mohanaji. Smile

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heheh lata nice comment...iam also joining with you "Jai to J Mohanaji" mOhanaji pl..accept! beautiful design and colours..

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Haha nice to follow laks and latha in today's comment too here joining with d slogan Jai to J Mohanaji.....beautiful pattern jkm sir....

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Cute and nice tendril pattern.

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Nice creative design,


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This tendril design is reminding me to wish " MO.... Ji " Many many Happy returns of the day.

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Lata I too would like to join in the Jai to J Mohanaj chain... and a very happy birthday to " MO.... Ji" as Rajamma maam has put it...

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Many Many happy returns of the day Mohanaji. Beautiful and colour design.

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sir ,is this free hand drawing or created in the system with some software.kindly please guide us. iam eager to know about it .its very beautiful sir.

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Very nice design with a wonderful color...

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Thanks everybody for the jai hO greetings Smile vasantI mA'am, a picture of single green tendril with two curls was chosen and its colour changed to pink (don't ask me why, I wanted pink for this drawing) and these were all assembled in powerpoint (a part of Microsoft Office, one can even try Free Office) with 90 degree rotations. The entire assembly has a four-fold symmetry. I thought this will be a nice roof pattern.

Regards! - mOhana

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Belated Birthday Wishes mOhanaji and thanks for a birthday treat.

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Wow JKM you share my Mother's birthdate?? Great!! Belated birthday wishes to you. Pink tendrils looking very pretty. Such a wonderful cluster of tendrils this one is..

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thank u sir for the useful information.ill try such pattern in future.

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very nice design with very nice colour