Dotted Rangoli with Flowers

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I made this rangoli for Makara Sankranti (Pongal). its 21- 11 dotted rangoli. Please let me know ur views.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted  Rangoli with Flowers


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Lovely Work. The red and white "ready to charm" Good choice of colors the green, yellow making the kolam more pretty.

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Cute flower arrangement; especially the red one is bright and attractive.

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Beautiful flower arrangement..

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Lovely poo kolam with nice contrast cols used....

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Red flowers are the centre of attraction - very pretty pookolam

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Lovely poo kolam with nice contrast colours.keep it up

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Lovely pookalam Smile Red n yellow flowers look so beautiful, highlights the whole kolam.. well done Smile

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Beautiful flower kolam................

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Colourful floral arrangement

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Nicely arranged flowers in a kolam. Good combination of bright flowers used make it very attractive.

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Nice colourful pookalam..

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Beautiful poo kolam. Flowers are neatly arranged as per the colours.

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Very pretty dotted rangoli using flowers.


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Bhavya, wonderful pookolam. It is nice to see a flower design with floweras. color combination and filling are super.

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Thank u all... i got 1st prize for this Rangoli.....
Bhavya Ramakrishna