Sikku Kolam - 69

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Hello Friends,This is one of my Marghazhi kolam. Dots - 25-5. Hope you like it....

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 69


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wow super!

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So sweet. Lovely chikku kolam Veni mam.


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Wow! Very beautiful, perfect chikku kolam. The maroon central portion is adding to the beauty as also the border.

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gud kolam with shoe flower

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Pretty and Nice to see your chikku kolams again. Drawn very casually..

Sarasp's picture

Veni, your chikku kolam looks very pretty with the pink outline.
Very neatly drawn !

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Thank you Suguna,Mahalakshmi,Pragaya,Alamelu mam,Vinci and Saras.

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Wonderful Chikku kolam Veni Mam

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Simply Grand!

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Beautiful sikku kolam with pretty pink border.....

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Wow just look at these strokes... veni maam excellent work... how i wish u had posted something for the contest... ur so good at these type of kolams... and this one is excellent too with the lovely flowers as decorations

vijaysowmya's picture

This is too pretty veni....your strokes are very uniform and I admire them a casually done ...

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Wonderful Chikku kolam Veni.looks Grand!

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The overall decoration of the pink and shoe flowers makes this wonderful chikku mat look so stunning. Super work Veni - I love this kolam very much.