Padi kolam

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Wow....nice to ur superb padi kolam after a long gap jaya mam...this is looking so neat and pretty....

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Wow Perfect!!! what a splendid kolam Jaya maam... as u all r aware i learned so much from ur kolams and Rajamma maam's kolam. I loved this design... With ur permission, i am copying this... excellent work maam

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Excellent padikolam Jayaji..-Indira Sundar

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Jaya, asaththeettiye. romba neat and beautiful. Having a nice frontyard like this you rarely allow ikolam members visit this to admire your kolams.

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Achil Varthathu pola ulathu (looks like a printed version). I'm glued to the monitor admiring the steady strokes. The outer border lines and the dots elevate the beauty of the kolam.

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perfect symmetry, drawing, kaavi usage etc, everything seems perfect mam, fantastic

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A perfect padi kolam from you mam...Very very beautiful....Very nice paadams inside...

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Perfect and neat padi kolam Jaya mam.

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Whoa !! Mam this looks like a sticker kolam being enlarged n uploaded Smile neat n perfect to the core Smile
Simply AWESOME :):):)

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This speaks the talent and the experience Jayaji! Very steady and neat strokes and the dots make this kolam like a newly wedded girl (புது மணப்பெண் ). Why don't you treat us like this very often?

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My MIL also enjoyed this very much:)

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Jaya mam, this kolam looks like a print on the floor. Very beautifully drawn. As Brindha mam has rightly said, this kolam shows how much experienced you are. I liked ur steady strokes. May be one day, I'll also get such beautiful steady strokes. (Not over ambitious - I always have a belief that if u aim for 100%, u'll atleast gain 50% success).


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The kolam is very nice. I copied it and did it in my front yard.
Thank you madam.

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very nice rajamma mam. is this single line drawing or retta varai. just for curiosity i am asking.

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very beautiful and pretty jaya mam. Hows ur US grand daughter?

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Very nice design and neatly done. Nice strokes, kavi and decoration work gives this kolam a grand look. I will surely try this kolam with your permission.

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Superb padi kolam. Thanks for sharing

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fantastic !!!! delight to the eyes

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Thank you all for your encouraging comments! This is a common design and anybody is free to copy/try!I would like to see different versions of this! Alamelu madam, Iam not very comfortable with double ezhai. I've done as single line only!
Vidhya, My grand daughter is doing fine. Thanks for your affectionate enquiry!Brindha, It is sheer laziness that prevents me from doing more. Also when I see your amazing creations I feel like going under my shell!

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Amazingly neat work Jaya - I wish you could shake that lazy feeling off your bones more often and give us treats like this one. Very interesting design and excellent presentation - no more words to say what I feel when seeing this beautiful bride.

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An excellent paDikOlam.

Regards! - mOhana

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An excellent paDikOlam.

Regards! - mOhana

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Excellent padikolam Jayaji..looks like sticker.waiting to see more and more

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wow...very nice and beautiful..very neat