Painting on dry leaf of Ashwata

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About Painting on dry leaf of Ashwata : PRINT

This is my second painting on the Ashwata leaf

peepal leaf
Rangoli: Painting on dry leaf of Ashwata


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You are a born artist Rekha. Thanks for treating us with your creations:)

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This is really a fantastic well done....even the minute features like nails are clearly visible....

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Wow another work to marvel... the eyes and face of this looks so realistic

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Marvellous creation Rekha Mam.

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fantastic work as well as an idea!

Regards! - mOhana

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It looks so beautiful Dr Rekha.


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Wow ! So beautiful. Look at those eyes ! they are so expressive.....

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Lovely piece of art. Thanks for sharing - Indu

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wonderful art ! thanks for posting .

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fantastic work

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Wow...such a serene pic painted on a dry leaf...keep it up..

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Fantastic work. The expression is sooooo good.