Edible Rangoli

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About Edible Rangoli : PRINT

This edible rangoli was sent in with loads of Christmas/New year wishes from our dear Vinci! Smile

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Rangoli: Edible Rangoli


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Artiscally yummy! Every part of it. :0

Aarushi: "That looks so delicious!"

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What a creativity, hats off! Diabetics can see and enjoy this without actually tasting Smile The directions of the fourth and fifth (top is one; counting clockwise) could have been reversed.

Regards! - mOhana

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what a mouthwatering kolam.
very pretty dear.

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ahaa !!!excellent creativity vinci..what an idea...hats off to you dear....vnci, please parcel your "Edible Rangoli " to push hehehe.....

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Yummy................... rangoli.

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very sweet and delicious rangoli.Thank you very much for your treat vinci.

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WOW...vinci....surprise treat from u...did u actually make all of these by urself...hahaha...this looks sooooo tempting dear....thanks for a lovely edible and visual treat and wish u a very very happy new year....and a seperate parceeeeeel to meeeee toooooo...hahaha

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Mmmmmmm, great christmas treat for us. Nice creativity.


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"Edible rangoli'! Nice name. Great creativity!

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very very tasty and a great visual treat...

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Aah!! This looks yummy!!!! What a Christmas treat!!

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wonderful. after looking at it I am running to my kitchen to see if there is something to eat like this!

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Lipsmacking kolam. What an Idea! Very intelligent.

I am feeling hungry after seeing this.

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wow excellent and superb great job.

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Thank you Lata for uploading and the Title Smile
Thanks Lata Aarushi, mOhanaji (Thanks for going through the minute details), Viji Maam, Lakshmi(Parcel is ready, Waiting for Pushpa), Radhika, Subhashini, Rani(God Promise :), I made it), Mahalakshmi, Jaya Maam (Lata named it), Sowmya, Aditya, Chandy and Pragaya for your sweet comments.. .

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Thanks Alamelu Maam for your comment.

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Thankgod, eventhough I came late it is still there for me to taste!. Wow, Vinci good imagination and lovely design made out of your edible items.

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Hi, what a tasty tasty edible kolam (virtually I ate). Looks mouth watering, good treat for eyes and a fantastic creativity. Thank you sooooo much.

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Cheater Vinci, u sed u will send parcel but instead ate everything all by yourself eh? if laks sees this she will call u sapat rami he he... this looks so tempting

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Very nice idea.

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Mouth watering!!!!!

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looks yummy mouth watering send me one too.....

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Very novel idea...and very tasty too

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Thanks RajamAmma, Padma, Pushpa ( I was waiting for you and you didn't turn up in time to collect the parcel, Don't blame me:), Veena, Jayanthi, Pavan (Hi, Sure will send you a parcel) and Ramya for your comments.

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why is that for others u will send parcel but for me i have to collect it, so childish