Balinese Splendor Rangoli

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Rangoli: Balinese Splendor Rangoli


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hai latha i am sitting here wondering how this is done is it photoshopped or is it a stencil or with yr creativity u r making such cute design pl let me know with regards

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Lata don't think my comments are for name sake. Its from my heart.. Finding time is too hard with a kid.. I wanted to have a second glance of your St.patrick's day rangoli and searched in the recent work, couldn't trace so made an entry into your gallery.I'm amazed and stunned to see so many wonders in photoshop, For sure you inspire me to learn photoshop and stencil work in paper.

Great work..

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beautiful design.

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Its looks like stencil cut!! nice work!!

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It's awesome. U do wonders with the photoshop. Only today i'm seeing this one.Sorry yaar for the late response

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dear latha ,
fentastic destgns .i tried in my needle work designs .it comes very nice .
thank you .( that is shadow work )
kala.krishnaraj .15th dec .

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Great work, looks like paper cutting.

Regards! - mOhana

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ciao Lata,

What a great work. Please explain this design in detail

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This design didn't take me long to make it so the explanation is also very simple. Smile
I made one-fourth of the design using photoshop and rotated a copy of the same to the other three sides.
Thanks everybody.
I look forward to your versions too Vinci.
Mrs.Kala, I would love to see your work here, so please upload it whenever you find some time.

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Lata mam, I happened to see this rangoli just today. Very nice design. Let me try this design on floor.