Mysuru Dasara Elephants

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one more from my precious collections Smile

"Rangoli Baayari" is/was a famous rangoli artist from Udupi of Karnataka, his books on rangoli are awesome, many of my scanned images are his creations, which i have tried to write in my reference book.

Dots: 15 X 15

Rangoli: Mysuru Dasara Elephants


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Beautiful elephants, I really like the shape of their trunks here!
One of these days, I'm going to take my big sponge and give them all a bath! Smile
We don't want anybody thinking any less of Mysore elephants when compared with Chennai elephans, or bombay elephants! I better do that before any Rajasthan ones show up here.
Speaking of Rajasthan, no one ever submits anything from Rajasthan! Any idea any one?

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Thanks Latha, for comming forward to give them a sponge bath Smile ....I was full with enthusiasm when I scanned the book and was hurring to upload,, did not do a proper cleaning of the images ....will take care in my next set Smile

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Oh, Lata these Kutti baby elephants are the one running under the trunk of mother no?
Regarding, Udupi Rangoli Baayari kolam books, I had some 12 series, some knocked off by friends.If you visit Udupi temple you can search for this in the shops (Haldhi/kunkum). They are very nice.
Lata, when you say gujarat, I remembered to have visited Baroda during Navrathri where I have visited a rangoli exhibition.The Art work are like Vani madam's work. The artist were given 7 days time and they can work 70 hours to finish.I cannot describe their work in words. I have some potos with me which I will upload later.I had the privelege of meeting the artists and get their autograph in the potos.

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I like the elephants going round and round, like in bElUru sculptures. But there
no two elephants are said to be alike. Very nice anirudhhajI!

Those books are really wonderful books. I have some with me. In fact, those
were the first books that kindled my interest in rangOlis. They were published
by chitra kuTIra, uDupi. Beautiful printing. In those days, all magazines
had a section on rangOlis. Those bAyari rangOlis were originally published in
magazines like sudhA.

Regards! - mOhana