Star studded

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I made this kolam today. The dot count is 17 x 9.

Rangoli: Star studded


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Beautifully designed stars. Just wondering, would it look any less beautiful, if we were to color the different parallelograms we see here in the same color (contrasting with the hexagons' green of course)?

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Very beautifully done, bRMdAjI. You must feel proud of it.

latAji, answering your question- As it is if you include colours also, the pattern
does not have a high symmetry. It has just a two-fold symmetry even though without
colours, it has a very high symmetry (mm6, look at my figures in the gallery for
explanations). If, as you say, the colours remain the same for the parallelograms,
the symmetry is high. That is how colour can enhance or diminish the overall symmetry.

Regards! - mohana

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Thank you Lata and mohanaji. I did not think of symmetry much when I made this. I did this as it pleased my eyes and hoped it will be pleasing to others too.

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Bridha,this has come up good.stars are really eye catching..

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Thanks Lakshmi devi.

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chikkinnu irukku Brindha......

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Smile nice comment. Thank you Judeline.

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Vow...Looks like a carpet.. Very neat strokes, bright coloring, looks great!!