Another twist to the sOnA patterns

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Here is a new twist to the sOnA patterns. When I formed the sOnA squares, I rotated the basic pattern (say a 4x5 square) by 90 degrees repeatedly and overlapped just one square of the neighbouring patterns. What if one overlaps two squares of the neighbouring patterns? Today's pattern is the answer for that. The basic 4x5 pattern has one line and this has two lines. But the symmetry is quite low, only two-fold or a 180 deg rotation. This line of thinking arose in me after I observed one of Mrs kAmESvarI's patterns and I am grateful to her for opening this new line of research.

Regards! - mOhana

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Another twist to the sOnA patterns


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nice creation.

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Very nice creativity work Mr JKM.


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well done .

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Nice design jkm sir...but if we try this on d floor i have to see how it looks leaving 3 dots on d upper side and 2 dots on d lower end...let me try ...

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Ahhh!! after a very long time a pretty sona design - thanks a lot JKM for this blue and orange wonder Smile

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nice colour match...and creation...

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another beautiful design with a nice blue and orange colour...

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Excellent kolam JKM Sir.

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well knitted kolam

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New and nice sona pattern.

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very nice creation and looking neat.