Chikku kolam

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About Chikku kolam :

Here is an animated chikku kolam. Dots: 9 to 1

Chikku Kolam
Dotted kolam


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Chocolaty sikku kolam is so tempting Lata.

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beautiful kolam, i like the background and thilakam shape...

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Very nice sikku kolam with lovely background...

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Nice animated kolam in cocoa col...thanks for d biiig piece of cadburrys..latha...hehe

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chocy kolam looks very sweet looks as though you have put the chocolate cream with a cone.

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Nice kolam.


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very yummy chocolate kolam lata.very tasty animation.

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I though it to be a cocoa kolam on coffee!

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Very nice lata. The kolam looks like made from chacolate syrup. So on ikolam cake we found a chocolaty kolam. Looks so cripsy and feel like having a bite.

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very beautiful sikku kolam done by you on a nice chocolate colour background...liked it....

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a sweet kolam, very useful for beginners like me

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Simple and beautiful animated kolam,lata

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very nice and beautiful

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I enjoyed the animation a lot.
a little jerk gave a fine curves. Very very well.

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While seeing the animation, choco chips forming the dots and the creamy lines forming the kolam. Lovely.

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Lata, ur choclate crispy kolam is very sweet.

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Kolam on a cadbury bar, wow lata looks very tempting to me dear. Good animation pa.

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Simple kOlam, but good animation.

Regards! - mOhana

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simple & nice chocolaty....need more chocolates now Smile

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nice work Lata mam.

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Nice kolam. Reminding that chocolate season has arrived.

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stylish kolam!super lata

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Slurrrrrrrppppppp..... Tasty tasty choclatey kolam Lata.

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Nice and simple tool to learn.

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Cute chochy kolam in action.

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Yummy chocolate fudge kolam Lata - splendid Smile

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hi latha

I am new to this forum. i am reading and learning a lot. last month i saw a deepam kolam or lamp kolam very simple. i learnt it and my age forgive me i forgot it. i like this new way of showing how the dots are connected. others have good ones but we will not know how to learn to draw. this way is cool
is there any way you can send me the lamp kolam ? it is a very simple one with 5 dots and 3 dots

sorry for the bother. do send it to ---@--.--

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Hi Suman,
Nice to know that you're learning to draw using this method. Going from your comments, I think you might be referring to the following kolam:
Hope it helps, otherwise, email me. Smile

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Lata when we can expect to see u in red outfit?

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Maybe a couple of more days. I'll ask my kids to dig through the albums in the weekend. I'm working on a website for a college, and I'm unable to spare some time for myself. In the evenings, my youngest daughter (9yr old) takes up most of my time with her class projects/extra classes and stuff Smile
I have site-work spilling over to the weekend as well. But, I'll try to change my profile within sunday. Smile
Sorry for not joining you all during the 14th. :0

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I am soooooo glad to find this website.Thank you so much for making it.For many years living outside india, I have not been in touch with our culture. I am going to learn from the animated tutorials and fill a book !!!

Again thank you so much making this website.
Please let me know if I can contribute in any way to this website.


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