dotted kolam

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Just wanted to share this kolam was made during diwali. This is my first attempt of a ther kolam.

Rangoli: dotted kolam


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Nice ther kolam...i think u have used just plain rice flour as it is done inside ur house....but for d angle of d image...u can try taking a pic by standing on a stool or chair...just try in ur next kolam ans see d difference...

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Your dotted chariot looks good. I like the artifact you've placed at the center. Smile

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Very nice chariot kolam with diyas. I also liked the kreedam that you have kept in the centre.


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Beautiful ther kolam..

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Very pretty ther kolam

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Nice ther kolam. Since u have usd only rice powder the ezhai has not come smooth.. The centre art piece is beautiful

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Nice Ratham (chariot) kolam.

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ThEr with the kreedam has come out well.

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Nice work..

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Nice Kolam. The centre piece is good.

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A nice and casually put kolam.

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lovely ther kolam...the way you have used colours to give the effect of diyas is very nice...

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Thank you so much for the comments. This was my first attempt of ther kolam and used only rice flour. Since I am a novice in this area, I used a medium which can be erased out easily( since it often becomes a disaster!!). ikolam is an inspiration and am trying to reproduce at least few of the simple designs!! Hope I come out successful!!

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Good effort! Try more!

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Lot of debutants today! Great work, the chariot is divine!

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice kolam.

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Very nice chariot kolam with diyas

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Very nice chariot kolam. The centre lamp is very attractive. Next time you try to capture the kolam from a height so the the image/design will be much clear.

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nice, u must have taken the pic from top view

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Nice Chariot.

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Big chariot looks very nice - that central decorative piece looks excellent Smile