Veni's look alike kolam

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About Veni's look alike kolam : PRINT

While going through my kolam book I realised I had a 'Veni look-alike kolam' and decided to make it on the computer. Waiting for your comments friends. Here is Veni's kolam:

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Veni's look alike kolam


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Fantastic Judy mam. Colourful sikku kolam.

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Hi Judy mam,

How r u? Where have been all these days? I didn't see your comments for the rangolis uploaded for about a week's time.

Your PC kolam looks nice.


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Superb, Judy mam, the different colours for each pattern, is really nice for the beginners to try. Thanks you so much for sharing this PC kolam.

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fabulous judy,
misd u for a wk,hope u r 5n

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Lovely photoshop kolam judy...nice choice of cols...

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very beautiful and colourful chikku kolam......

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Very welldone Judy. Very crisp.I too wish to learn fotoshop kolam. Donno when it will materialise?

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Excellent work,judy.No words...

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Judy enkoyoo poyide dear.

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Waw! fantastic. It gives everybody a feeling to try this kolam immediately. The different colored lines elevate the beauty of the gliding line kolam.
We missed your Diwali contest kolam as well as the interesting comments!

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Hi Mam,

Your rangoli is as beautiful as you .I love your smile. Nowadays it is very difficult to find Grin on the face .As smile is very contagious I am also smiling like you. Please accept my smile. I have gone through all the poems written by your younger sister .All of them are very beautiful and heart touchy.
Hope you continue your motivation towards her creation.

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nicely woven threads Judy... more complex than Veniji's, but you have made it easy for us to learn, thank you
.......yeah me too was expecting special one for Deepavali contest Smile

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Judy, your noodles kolam is wonderful!

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Looks wonderful Judy! I feel like lifting up the loops and playing with it. Smile
Like I mentioned in the email, we'll include an option on the image upload file, where you could automatically pull up another member's work on to one side of your image, for referencing purposes. Smile

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wow!! excellent work buzyyyy?/hehe jayaji nice comment...

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This is fantastic Judy. You create magic in photoshop. Show me your magicwand Please:)

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Thank you Kameshwari, Maha (been very busy with lots of things recently Maha, even now I will come on and off only, thanks for noticing), Nithya, Uma (thanks for your concern, I am fine, just but busy with guests visiting, christmas etc), Rani, Sowmi, Jayanthi (come to Chennai and I will teach you), Veni, Viji, Rajam (I too missed being around during the contest - very busy at mum's place and even now chitti and chittappa are down from Australia will be tied up till Jan 1st week), Rekha (very sweet of you, I love to smile always and thanks for not only your smile but for the appreciation towards my sis's work), Anirudh (missed taking part, what to do Sad dont know if I will be able to take part in margazhi contest too :(, Jaya, Lata (sorry I could not edit this image and send you - can see you did it on your own, thanks a million for that - too tied up with lots of things - you know), Lakshmi and Vinci (come to my house I will show you my magic wand dear) for your interesting comments and encouragement - don't know what I will do without all of you my friends Smile