Special Diwali wish kolam for ikolamites - 2

deepa ram Thu, 11/04/2010 - 22:21
Nice Kolam Deepa. Your version & Rani version both are good.
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beautiful deepa.Wish you a happy Diwali.
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Beautiful Deepa. Thanks for your kind wishes. rajamma
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Looking excellent Deepa. Very well done. Wish you a very happy Diwali.
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WOW Deepa ! Kuzhal kolam looks very beautiful with lotus blooming from all sides :) kaavi, mud color n natural grass just add beauty to all your creations :) Happy Diwali to you too dear :) Saras
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Both has its own beauty Deepa. pretty. Happu Diwali.
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Very pretty! I love the lotuses very much. The red dots at the ends make the lotuses more prominent, and the green color at the base of the inner flowers picks up on the green grass patch. Thank you for constantly sharing your creations here Deepa. Friends like you enrich this site, over and over. :) And, hello Ms. New leaf! Are you Ms.Turmeric by any chance. Nice to meet you.
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Lovely version in ur style deepa dear...u know what chandhini liked urs more than mine saying that akka has done those lotuses sooooo prettily....thank u dear for making this diwali so enjoyable one....
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Beautiful kolam,deepa. Thank you for the wishes.
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Wow Deepa this is indeed a STUNNING BEAUTY :) What perfection you have achieved in making this kolam. You have used the kuzhal with expertise which is seen by the way you have overlapped the intersections very neatly. As always I am 'in love' with your lotus flowers which are so pretty and the colours used enhances the kolam. This kolam reaches its peak against my favourite mud background and I like how the top design is nuzzling in the grass. Thanks a ton for the dedication which is much appreciated but I must say that it is your dedication and love for this art that has made you dish out such wonderful creations. Hope you and family too had a lovely diwali and thanks for the wishes :)
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deepa ram
Lata mam thats the newly sprouted badam tree leaf,and judy mam i did the kolam in free hand and Rani mam has done the same using roller ,u can see in this kolam at some places the spacing between the four lines are uneven. thanks ammu ,lotus is my favourite flower (so i always draw them as a symbol in all my scrap books)and watching them bloom in pond is my alltime hobby.
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