Poovidal - my first attempt

Looks very pretty, and ummm...I can imagine the fragrance! I see a greenish tinge around the marigold but I don't see the grass between the roses, are the maroon lines between the roses some kind of a grass too (I think that must be it, because I've seen colorful grasses)? Do you take measurements for everything for achieving perfect symmetry in every image? :)
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looks like mohanaji has sent a valentine greeting card for me .thankyou. its very nice:)
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Happy valentine's to all ikolam friends.
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mOhanaji, very nice. I think you made only one round design and just added by joining the potos. As you say some imperfect things looks good.. this is one example. nobody can pin point the mistakes.
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Thanks everybody! Even though every time somebody says a few nice words, I don't respond with thanks, you must know it is this appreciation that helps every artist to create new works. In that way, my heartfelt thanks to you all. Many of you are far more superior artists when compared with me. It is nice of you to tolerate a novice and say a few good words. Yes, rAjammAjI, I made one copy and joined them. In fact, I used only one yellow rose and the others are the rotated ones. latAjI, the grass is the red branchlike thing in between two yellow roses. Originally I wanted to place davanam there. But I was lazy to cut and scan the picture. That is the mistake I made with the rose too. If that were done, the green gaps won't appear in the picture. I'll be careful not to repeat this in the future. There is a Japanese proverb that goes somewhat like this - The shortest way to do anything is the long way! The angles and placings have to be as perfect as possible. Otherwise, one cannot stitch them together. Basically I use Microsoft Office picture manager, Irfanview and Microsoft power point and a scanner, where necessary to create these. Since I am a student of symmetry for more than forty years, it is a bit easy for me to visualise a few things. But most of the artists here on ikOlam have that in an intuitive way even if many of them have not taken formal courses. For that matter many of the little girls in India who eke out a living by working as housemaids are also aware of this. In fact I have even overheard these girls exchanging notes about rangOlis. Alas, their search for work and livelihood denies them the opportunity to dive deeper into this ocean to pick up more pearls. I hope and wish the future will be brighter for these young lights! Thanks again and regards! - mOhana
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