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About Ambigram:

Its the same thing but this picture wl be more understandable

Rangoli: Ambigram


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vidyAji, This is far better than the earlier version. Some off-the-cuff
suggestions - The cross stroke for A can be made smaller so that
the V-look is enhanced. In the same way, the bottom stroke in
d can be reduced so that the h look will be still better. You
can even put a little dot above i and reduce the long line in Y.
I don't know where you live and what you do. A view box like the
X-ray viewer in doctor's office and a scanner will be of enormous
help in this task.

You have been bitten by the bug now. Keep drawing. I don't
know how you would have tackled if you use the alternate and common
spelling for the name, viz. vidya.

regards! - mOhana