sudhabalakrishnan's picture

Hi frienz,

this is another doll which is fully decorated . please let me know ur opinions



lakshmiraghu's picture

very nice decoration...

lakshmiraghu's picture

all the best sudha

jayamohan's picture

Did you buy it decorated or you did it? Nicely done!

viji_j86's picture

wow colourful dear.

Sujatha Srinivasan's picture

very colourful,good luck!

jayasimha.rangarajan's picture

very very beautiful and grand. Nice selection of dolls with sharp features. All the Best

judelined's picture

This designer gift paper saree really must have been an effort for the creator - just look at the border etc. Nicely decorated dolls. All the best Smile

rajamma_2's picture

Beautifully decorated with color papers.

subashini's picture

very good and neat and beautiful decoration with color paper .

Vinci's picture

Beautifully decorated with gift papers.. And the bride's designer saree looks nice with the golden border and stone work.
All the best

jasree's picture

Nice decorated dolls. Good attempt.

dlz_31's picture

Really good

vimala_v's picture

very nice and the designer paper saree is amazing. All the best

dibbutn's picture

Sudha maam so pretty ... looks like a bride and groom

dibbutn's picture

Very pretty one

apsinhere's picture

This is so pretty. Very nice colour combinations!!

anirudh's picture

very pretty with colored paper, different one from the normal clothes...i like the head set, looks like crowns...pretty Raja & RaaNi Smile

mvrajitha's picture

superb decoration and dressing, all the best

sudha kailas's picture

Very well done

jaanu's picture

something different nice

ramyaram's picture

lovely decoration

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

very colourful decoration and different