Marapachi doll for contest

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About Marapachi doll for contest : PRINT


I have uploaded the picture of marapachi dolls for the contest.


marapachi doll decor contest 2010
Rangoli: Marapachi doll for contest


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Nice decoration for these dolls too - bright orange saree bordered with yellow lace and lovely teardrop red stones. All the best Smile

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Loved the hairdo and the border of the saree - the stones really stand out..

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Bride with Andal kondai is grand. Bridegroom is too simple, even without a chain/garland!

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Brides' madusaar n kondai looks grand and looks like groom did not have much time to dress up Smile hehe
Best wishes !

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The garlands made with thick thread or wool material intertwined in two colours is a good idea. Lipstick to Andal could have been done properly . would have tried to outline eyes etc. to highlight the features of cute dolls. Good effort

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Andal kondai looks very beautiful....the three layer chain is good and it goes wellwith the saree...

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Thanks everyone for ur suggestions and comments

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beautiful decoration all the best

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aha nice kondai decoration yar.

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Andal kondai is nice !

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Lady with Aandaal kondai is cute., but why so much lipstick?

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Twisted maalai is good.nice , simple decoration.

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Nice decoration.. All the best

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very simple n neat

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Andal Kondai is very nice. How did you manage to stick it? Good Luck.

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Pretty decoration especially the andal kodai grabs the attention... very nice

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looks like a unique dolls, not the normal marapachi, i have seen in bangalore atleast Smile ...nice ones, best wishes

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nice decoration

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Andal Kondai in madisar and panchakecham veshti outstanding.

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Thanks everyone for the appreciation and comments ...

@ Rajamma ... these are the old kind of marapachi dolls with wider mouths and red paint is applied less for the lips, it looks much more awkward..

@ Vimala .... I stuck the kondai made with wool using fevibond