Apartment Kolams

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My all time favourite kolams are the ones that weave their way in and around the dots...
dont know how to describe the dots - but i think it is clear from the kolam itself

Rangoli: Apartment Kolams


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Judeline ,all ur rangolis are nice and good for the beginners.thanks for sharing

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Judeline, Very nice dotted white kolam in ablack background.you have named it Apartment kolam. yes those who live in apartments have litle space to draw kolam. So this type of kolams are welcome for us to put on day to day basis. I have so many like this,If found useful for the beginners I'll send it. Lata What do you feel?

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Of course Rajamma mam, the beginner category was created for the apartment use as well as for the members who are new to kolam-making. I grew up watching my mom make these "apartment" kolams in Delhi, only my mom didn't have any name for them Smile
There was only 2 ft of space between the opposite apartment and ours, and so my mom only made smaller kolams. I got to see the bigger kolams during our vacation time when we would go down south to Paati's house. And, now, I take my kids to see their great-grandma to the same house where she makes bigger ones even now!

So, please do send kolams of any size, they are all special!

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thanks for you appreciation - the first person who has not put their name, rajamma and lata...