Mini golu

Sarasp Sat, 10/09/2010 - 09:47

Happy Navrathri to you too Saras. Golu arrangement looks very nice. Pretty lotus rangoli and flowers border. I'm guessing the Shola Durga Maa is from your favorite city. ;) For thamboolam, count on me. I'd love to come over. Please save a pinch of Thamboolam kumkum for me, because I'd like to collect it in person when I meet you. I'm not kidding. :)
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Beautiful arrangement,saras.ungal alaippukku nandri...
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Dear Saras mam, Your Golu arrangement is very nice and the small rangoli in tambalam is so cute. Thanks for your invitation. Mahalakshmi
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Now you have tempted me to come over almost immediately, seeing this cute arrangement, but I have to wait until Wednesday :( :( I am sure each set of dolls has a story of its own which you are going to tell me when I come over - ok va??
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Thank you all, n eagerly waiting to c u all on Wed' :) @ Lata - you are rite, Durga maa is from Kolkata'.. and ofcourse eagerly waiting for that day as well :):) Saras
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