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This is a floor-mat done by me using old dresses and needle ............

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Good!!! Best out of waste!!!

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ya i too have heard of this....i even tried a small one...we have to cut d cloth into strips and plait it na....nice...

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Creative work!!!very nice..

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Bhavani mam,

I remember my school days. We use to have a competition "Wealth from waste". Had you participated in it, you will bag the first price. Nice creativity. I Want to learn how to make this.


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Novel idea and the color pattern looks nice. Can you tell us the procedure.. I could see chrochet needle, what is the needle size and any specific pattern? Oh no so many questions from my side!!

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best work mam

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So nice ... s share with us the procedure... my mom also does things like this... she recently did a door mat like this... must upload it..

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Very good use to old clothes - can you let us know how it is done?? May be a step by step set of photographs??

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nice work.

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Thank u friends for your comments....
Rani mam U are correct ......... The procedure for making the MAT is to cut the cloth into thin stripes(approx 1/2 inch width) and have it as a ball ( as of woollen ball) and start to plait it using chrochet needle.......
The better option for this is old sarees with which we can easily make thin long strips .............
I'll try to upload step by step photographs soon.....