Sikku Kolam - 43

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Hello Friends,This easiest sikku kolam drawn on sunday.Dots - 19-3. Views please...
Rani...eppadi 3 dots kolam......

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 43


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A good design combining the 3x3 dot groups, and the design looks even better surrounded by purple color. A cute flower at the center. Smile
Adhu enna "Rani, eppadi 3 dots kolam"?? Aen, naangellam padhil solla maatomma?? Adhu enna Rani-ya mattum specialla ketkareenga? Description area-vulla podhuvagadhan pesanum, ippadi comments maadhiri ellam rombavum casualla pesa koodadhu. :0

(For the non tamilians: I usually don't write my comments in tamil since there are members who don't understand tamil. But, sometimes, there comes a time when you have to use certain phrases/words to get the point across, especially if you've to convey the feelings along as well. My comment is a playful one, but also conveys the point that writing in Tamil in the description area may not be wise. Smile
I am kidding around with Veni here, since she is looking for her neighbor friend Rani's thoughts on this kolam, after asking for everyone's views. Smile

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simple chiku kolam looks elegant.

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எல்லோரும் வாங்க வாங்க நம்ம வேணி மேடம் மூணு புள்ளி கோலம் போட்டுயிருகாங்க!!!
நானும் இப்படி தான் ஏமாந்து போனேன்..

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hello....veniiiiiii...sernde adi vaanga atlast vandutteengaley....thanks....this is lovely veni....

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latha., vinci....if u remember my simplest and biggest 2 dotted sikku kolam where i had shared that yaaravadu adikka vara poraanga and then veni had also said that i too have a 3 dotted one....and so i suggested her to upload it saying that serndeee adi vaangalaam ....that's d matter pa for veni's comment at d title.....

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Thank you lata,sudha,vinci and rani..

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Wow! Beautiful kolam with pretty strokes.The purple border is cute : )

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Hai lata,i always want everyone's views.Their views only boost me to make number of kolams.just i was kidding rani here.. You are absolutely correct,lata.Every day we made kolams and sharing our views..

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Thank you anu..

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very cute kolam veni.

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Violet outline and centre design and a cute chikku kolam ... all very strikking.

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Veni maam lovely merging of 3 x 3 kolam into a beautiful big one...looks stunning with the lavendar color

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looks very a theppakulam....

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very neat and beautiful.

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Thank you suba, rajamma mam,pushpa,sowmya,jaya mam,usha...

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Veni you have proved that a very simple and small kolam can be converted into a big and pretty one - wah wah I love this one Smile