dotted kolam

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First, I made this dotted kolam in a simple manner.Then I decorate it in photo shop.For the purpose of view the kolam clear, I sent both kolams.

Rangoli: dotted kolam


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Suba see the link..

Your violet chikku kolam resembles our 50/50 kolam. U did the kolam also in Photoshop or only the decoration? It has come out very neat and beautiful.

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wow suba....both decors r beautiful...i liked d second one as it gives a padi kolam effect....

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Both the blue beauties looks very good in various outfits. well done suba

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super mam

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Awesome, words..

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Subashini maam both the kolams looks very nice

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Nice chikku kolam with Rajamma's favorite violet color! Decorations also go well with it!

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Both the kolams are too good. No words to say.... Excellent

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o, my god, ippodhu yennudaya kolathi kaanavillaiRajam, yenakku theriyamalay ungal favorite colorai vubayoga paduthi irukkiren paartheergala.yes, Rajam, I did the kolam also in photo shop.Thank you for you comment.

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Thank you Rani,sudha, malar, veni, pushpa, jaya and jasree.

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Both are good - with decoration and without. But instead of lavender you would have used a light colour OR you keeping lavender you would have changed the background. This is just my view.

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Thank you padma.

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both the kolams are pretty, Subha. Instead of dark purple you could have used some light colour, it would have given good contrast.

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Good to see another deliverer of chikku kolams - lovely work Suba - get ready for giving demo at the meet Smile

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both are nice....the decoration made in the second is too good....

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Nice frills to the original work. If you had made the the central outer patterns more rounded, they would have looked like Siva lingams.

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautifully done! I too see the Shiva lingam touch in the right one.
It would have been better to keep the images separate. Smile

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The first one looks simple and cute. The next with the touch up looks grand.

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Thank you Brindha, jude, vijaysowmya, jkm, lata and vinci.

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very pretty fusion and decorations has come out well

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Nice idea

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Thank you very much anirudh and jaanu.

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Both the blue beauties looks very good

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Such complex kolams from you Suba - keep it up very good work Smile

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Thank you lakshmi and jude.