Applique work

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take any coloured cotton cloth ,trace design and cut out shapely flowers,leaves.use fabric glue to stick and highlight with 3D glitters.mostly contrasting and bright colours will be more attractive.if both the applique designs and the base cloth are of same texture it will stick easily

Rangoli: Applique work


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Very pleasant work deepa. I am doing this in embroidary. Urs is good idea.

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wow superb colour combination...i like this very much...and i try to do this....

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very nice.its a good idea&looking so gud

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so nice work.

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thanx 4 ur tips,, neat wk

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Very impressive idea, I thought it is possible only with embroidery. Thank you!!

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Hi Dear,

Excellent work done. Some more tips for learners.

Gayathri Rajesh

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wow,, this is very cute and simple, Thanks for sharing

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very nicework deepa. i like it very much.i try to do this...

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very nice work