Jodi Killi

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My Dear Friends!
See my Lovely Killi's! kindly send your comments on it!

Rangoli: Jodi Killi


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very lovely kilies as u said malar...

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wow beautiful kilis'

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"பச்சை கிளி பாடுதே பக்கம் வந்தே ஆடுதே" என்று பாட ஆசை !.கிளி கொஞ்சும் அழகு உங்க கோலம் .

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Lovely killis ofcourse. But why both are both sides. If they sit both near we can call jodi killi.

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Beautifully drawn parrots !

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Cute Parrots...
இப்படி பிரிச்சி உட்கார வச்சிடீங்களே?

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Beautiful killi's kolam. Are they love birds, fought with each other and sitting facing opposite directions.

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rettai kiligal miga azhagaga irukku. I too have this design but never tried, Malar:)

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Kili konjugiradhu.

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Looks like your parrots go to the gym regularly dear - prim and proper. Pretty kolam Smile

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irandu konjum kiligalalum sutti sutti varudunga!