Mango kolam

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cute freehand kolam nithya....nice to see so many mangoes after d season is over....

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in one place you forgot to put the design. like difference kandupidikka. nice design

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simple and elegant kolam.

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Simple and nice one

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oru kallile 2 maangai enbadhu pole oru mango hiding another inside. very cute.

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Nitya, mango kolam is nice. mango's inside a mango idea is good. In the inner part right side, you have forgotten to complete the design.

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your double mango design is simple and cute, Nithya.

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Nice design.

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Maangai ulle vandu alladhu kottai kelvippattirukken.. indha maangaai ulle maanagai pudhuvidhamaga irukku. nice.

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oh such a cute kolam Nithya - different and pretty Smile