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These small rangolis i have drawn in front of Thulasi brindhavanam,thought of sharing with you all.



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appappa...lakshmiiiii...all ur four rangolies r too good...excellent col combination....

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All rangolis r extraordinary still i like the last one.

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As pretty as always!

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

all the kolam looks very superb, neatly executed.

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All your Thulasi kolams are beautiful. Last one is very very cute.

vyjayanthi's picture

very neat, color selection is good.

alameluranganath's picture

superb designs mam what a colour combination. very nice one. the yellow flower looks very beautiful. gud one.

arunasivaji's picture

lovely colour combination. nice designs.

Padma Prakash's picture

Superb colour combination. When I opened this image, suddenly a flash came on my monitor. I was wondering about this brightness and finally realised that this is because such a four bright and beautiful kolams. Tkans Laksh....

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hi friends heart full of thanks for your lovely comments

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Dhooool Dhamaal Laxmi. {D]

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Jayanthiji (D) hehehe thank uuuuu

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Jayanthiji all are enjoying ur comments in my house..

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Oh.... Nice to hear that. still searching for orderly adjectives.

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Magic Lakshmi maam... all are just splendid looking kolams... loved the bottom two a lot though

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ive turned a copycat of ur works

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What a cute mini-collection! Your designs are very artistic and your coloring is flawless with beautiful color combinations. Thanks for posting these cuties :)!

Lata's picture

Lovely collection of small kolams. Smile

brindhanagesh's picture

What an artistic collection, Lakshmi! The first and third one look like wollen mats and the flowers in the 4th one are looking so realistic that they tempt me to pluck them. Lovely colour combination! Lakshmiyin kaivannam ketkkavum vendumo!!! (I miss your big doily kolams:( )

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so swheeeeeettttttt,they all look like colorful candies

chandy's picture

Superb as usual from you. Loved the 3rd and 4th very much

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"4 in 1" Super Strong dose a koduthitinga... A small request Lakshmi, Please cover the top border design which is seen partially...

judelined's picture

Your thulasi brindhavan is very lucky to get feasts of pretty kolams everyday I am sure. Lovely combination of beauties lined up for fashion show.... I like No.3 and 4 very much Smile

Dawn's picture

Lakshmi, your 'freehand' kolams do not look freehand from any point of view! What artistry and perfection!Just love your work!

jkmrao's picture

So beautiful and pleasingly colourful! Great work!

Regards! - mOhana

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thank u so much friends for ur lovely comments...