Inspiration kolam

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Inspired by Akhilandeswari's design. i tried this yesterday.

Rangoli: Inspiration kolam


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lovely inspirational maakolam alamelu mam...

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Good try Alameluji:) come out well.

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alameluji, wonderful inspirational kolam

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Inspiration kolam has come out very nice. A small touch of kavy around would have enhanced the beauty of this kolam.

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verynice padikolam lotuses has come out very nice

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Alamelu mam podi kolathil naa pottadaivida izhai kolathil romba palichnu irukku. very nice.

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Very casual. Has come out very nicely.

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Good try! The outcome is good!

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Naan podalamnnu ninnaichenne... That's o.k. It looks beautiful with ur touch.

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Lovely attempt Alamelu - I am sure Akila will be proud to see this Smile

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Nice. Mam, When u put ezhais which are very close, give some gap between one pattern to another. It will enhance each pattern distinctly. {Its my suggestion]

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Maakolam and padikolam both my favourites. Your double ezhai has its own beauty, Good copycat kolam.

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Dancing silver waves on the waters of a temple tank on a sunlit day!

Regards! - mOhana

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what an inspiration. we get this inspiration from all of you only to try more and more of designs. thanx a lot to one and all for your valuable comments thank u once again.

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Nice Try.. And you made it..

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thanku vinci

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hai alamelu, what a beauty!!!! traditional and symmetrical and lovely!!!!!!!what else to say........i liked very much........sumi viju