Lentils Rangoli

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Hi please post your comments on this lentil rangoli which I did at Bradford Mela on 12th and 13th June 2010.




Rangoli: Lentils Rangoli


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Flowers on corners are well etched maybe a border could have highlighted the rangoli . Altogether the yellowish tint dominates.. Neat spread of lentils have made the rangoli to look at its best...

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lovely orange beauty...

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Neat arrangement of lentils.

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Neat and beautiful work.

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Nice orange rangoli. u could have used one more contrast color.

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Good one, I took agree with Mrs rAjamma that anither colour would have made the rangOli look better. I have a question. What does one do with all the lentils, rice etc used in the rangOlis?

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice one

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alternatively you could have outlined each layer with a dark colour which would have made the kolam look much better - nice attempt Smile

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Thank you very much for your good suggestion, will follow your advice in future for better getup of lentil rangolies.
Thanks once again.


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nice work